How to be a part of Here for ya Mate

Locally, you can:

  • Flash someone a smile 
  • Gift hand picked flowers in a re-purposed jar/bottle 
  • Gift baked goods 
  • Gift knitted goods 
  • Make a card
  • Paint a rock 
  • Sew a heat pack
  • Drop off a meal/ dinner
  • Organise a fundraising dinner/lunch or high tea
  • Buy someone a coffee

Send someone a card and even better one of these fabulous ones by the lovely and talented Belinda. Who might I add donated hundreds for our launch night and continues to support us through these beautiful cards.

Buy a sticker for your car from the lovely Lizzie at My Crafty Dog who donated heaps of stickers for our launch and continues to support us.

Purchase one of our Keep Cups, available in Black, Pink, and Grey

Also please feel free to send us a line if you have questions or ideas at